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Our Quality

We strongly believe that when we create things with passion, magic happens.


MDF Board
(5 Years Warranty)

Minifix by Hafele

Solano® Assembly

  • Knock-Down System (KD System)
  • Uses minifix by Hafele, a German Brand of Hardware
  • Re-assembly as many times as you need
  • All fixing holes are measured and controlled 99.99% by Computer Numerical Control (CNC)


  • Standard Assembly – comes in ready boxes and assembled by screws and stapler
  • Measured are not 99.99% as it is estimated


Solano® material

  • Material : 3D PVC
  • Anti-scratch
  • Sophisticated outlook
PU Paper


  • PU Paper
  • Good outlook but regrettably short-lasting

18mm Shelf MDF

Solano® MDF Shelf Panel Board

  • Thickness : 18mm MDF Board
  • Anti-scratch
  • Able to support heavy items
  • High durability
  • Adjustable shelves
15mm Shelf Chipboard

Normal Shelf-Panel

  • Thickness : 15mm Chipboard
  • Very light and thin
  • Unable to support heavy items
  • Easily broken or bent

1mm Edge

Solano® The Edge

  • Extremely smooth and rounded edge
  • Thickness : 1mm
  • Chip and Tear Resistant
0.35mm Edge

The Edge

  • Thin, rough and unpresentable
  • Thickness : 0.35mm
  • Rough edges can easily injure if not careful

Half and Full Inner View

Solano® Folding Door

  • Complete full inside view when door opens
  • A smart concept door
  • High durability
Half Inner View

Sliding Door

  • Sliding doors unable one to fully view inside despite any directions your door slides to
2 Layers MDF Base
1 Layer Chipboard Base

4 Blocks Support

Solano® Wardrobe Base (Full-Solid)

  • The construction of the base is supported with many solid blocks and screws to optimize the solidness and firmness of the base
  • The inner boards are so strong and solid it can actually withstand a normal person’s weight without breaking
  • To emphasize on weight endurance, once can actually jump on it without worrying it might break
1 Block Support

Normal base

  • Chipboard-based material is unable to support any heavy weights due to its limited solidity
  • The support elements beneath the base is limited, hence the vulnerability

Solid Back panel MDF 6mm

Solano® Wardrobe’s Back

  • Thickness of back panel : MDF 6mm
  • The back panel is fitted 99.99% by the computer’s measurement
Chipboard Back Panel 3mm

Normal Back

  • Thickness of back panel : 3mm
  • Uses stapler or screws to install
  • Measurement may not be balanced

Solid and Balance Body Structure

Solano® Wardrobe’s Body

  • The wardrobe’s body is structured by computer numerical control (CNC) for enhanced stability. The solidity of the wardrobe comes from the MDF Board
Uneven Body Structure

Wardrobe’s Body

  • The normal wardrobe’s side panels bent against each other due to the use of chipboard material, that lacks the solidity
  • Being fragile and light, the wrap of packaging material is actually capable of bending the chipboards

Solano® Warranty (5 Years)

– Board broken


Introducing Malaysia’s FIRST of its kind , the 100% Cotton Liquid Repellent Japan Fabric known as CLR JPN , originated from Japan with the advanced technology of liquid repellent feature .

Worried about stains caused from spillage of red wine and other liquid substances on your furniture ?

Fear not :
It is impervious to almost all types of liquid including water , wine , hot coffee & tea , soup , even with hot boiling temperature .


The comfort of 100% cotton

Tear resistant fabric

Extremely easy for cleaning

Remains cooling effect

Impervious to any liquid wine, coffee, tea or soup