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These 2.5 feet ( 2.5′ ) length wardrobes transform your room from everyday to extraordinary . Making sure things are just right from designs specification , selection of materials , quality control and technology give this transformation a reality for your room and ultimately our customers . You have all the accessibility to mix and match any types of wardrobe we have set with its unique accessories . You select what you need . We deliver it , piece together and install it for you .

There are more universal solutions , by scrolling down you can discover how to embrace a smartly organized storage area and feel more connected to every corner of your room .


CW 1 SF have 3 compartments with heavy duty clothes rail . This simple wardrobe features a rigid MDF board , German brand screws and Knock Down System for limitless re-assembly without producing splinters or chipping . All fixing holes are controlled 99.99% by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) for an exact depth .

CW 1 SF + Mirror is the perfect design for those who want to hide the mirror from scratches , cracks or fingerprints . The mirror is mounted on a side panel that is on extension glides so that the panel can be pulled out and rotated by 90° . It is slimline and has the full height to ensures better view in a single glance .

CW 1 SF + Double Trouser Rail ( DTR ) consist of pull-out rail for trouser , allows easy on and off of your trousers and eliminates the difficulty to see the exact color of certain trousers or pant as they are under the shadow . Besides , this design helps in keeping the slacks neat by keeping them at spaced apart .


CW 1 A LED is to make it easier for you to find your favorite clothes and accessories . The LED lights come with energy efficiency improvements , PIR sensor integration which automatically switches the light on when the wardrobe door is opened or motion detected without having to find a switch and this workpiece will definitely ease your wiring job .

CW 1 A LED + Mirror is the perfect addition to any room to add a touch of wood and glass . This timeless piece showcases visual interest with its glass used on this mirror . This mirror is of high quality, which means that it will not lose its luster even after years of use .

CW 1 A LED + Double Trouser Rail ( DTR ) make sure that the challenges of finding a common look and style for many different functions are lessened . 


CW 3 D bring a whole new level of storing instead of the traditional high shelf with a single rail . CW 3 D makes you easy to pick out a single item and draw it out without messing up the entire pile . Designed from small to large compartments with 2 soft-closing drawers . This design has the best storage system , ensuring every item is used and not left lying neglected in the farthest corners .

CW 3 D + Mirror provides good structural rigidity to the mirror and also to your clothes . Thanks to its high-quality wood , this wardrobe is very rugged , durable and to makes sure that it will serve you for a long time . Added is the pulled out mirror that won’t take much of the space in the wardrobe .


CW 4 L Hanger have first rail top and second rail below , allowing you to have a mix of short and long hanging for easily creased material , such as cotton and linen .

CW 4 L Hanger + Mirror displaying a mirror as an internal accessory , the frame is sturdy and has a long lasting life .  The mirror is user-friendly and low on maintenance . Wipe it with a clean cloth using a mild glass cleaner to keep it dust-free and shining .


CW 15 Desk is a wardrobe with hidden desk . As you can see , there is a recessed desk pull for you to pull-up the panel board . It is ideal for temporary work area , makeup area or to place lightweight items (e.g. laptop , cosmetic or accessory ) if you don’t have a bedside table .

Here are the 4 feet ( 4′ ) length wardrobes . With our complete capacious wardrobe , you can spruce up your bedroom and opens up the tight quarters .

There are numerous smart choices to choose from and nothing dates your room better than open shelves on the uppers and lowers as it really helps space look better . Not overbuild and not claustrophobic .


CW 10 Desk is a wardrobe with hidden desk same as CW 15 Desk . The only difference is CW 10 Desk is built bigger , wider recessed desk pull , 4 soft-closing drawers and maximize space in your bedroom , living room or wherever you choose to have the wardrobe placed .


CW 11 DJ is unlike regular wardrobes , the interior is designed into a great internal storage solution with hanging rail , 12 individual space jewellery drawer , multiple compartments and 4 soft-closing drawers to cope with the storage pressures of a modern bedroom .

CW 11 DJ + Mirror particularly the best safety wardrobe if you got young children in the household . Standing mirror not only presents a very real safety concern but cleaning broken mirror is inconvenient exercise . The mirror measures 4-foot length and has flat and smooth color frame creating a modern feel .

CW 11 DJ + Basket is an upgraded wardrobe with add-on basket that has spacious depth and soft-closing slides .

CW 11 DJ + Mirror + Basket is the most versatile wardrobe as it has the complete accessories of all CW 11 DJ Series . The best part is that it maintain its structural shape even with multiples accessories so you’re truly getting your money’s worth.


CW 12 SF is an organized wardrobe that not only save you time and stress when you are bigger families – but it will also save you money ! Say goodbye to duplicate purchases .

CW 12 SF + Single Trouser Rail ( STR ) + Double Trouser Rail ( DTR ) comes with pull-out trouser rails enable you to see the colors or styles of your trouser more easily and getting all your pants into the light . Hence , you no longer have to face the difficulty in distinguishing colors or styles .

CW 12 + 2 CR + STR + DTR . This design helps in keeping the clothes and slacks neat by keeping them at spaced apart . It makes easier for you to decide quickly through all of the colors without the need to remove each pair to see what they are .

Corner wardrobe serves practical purposes for unused corner or space appears to have no real purpose . There are ways to rescue your wasted space and transform it into an attractive design statement for very little effort . With Solano® L-shape corner wardrobe , any tricky spaces and those tough little design challenges can be overcome. Corner wardrobe create a room that rewrites the rules of impossible to enhance areas and helps in hiding blank-and-boring corners .


Corner wardrobe comes with sensor light , 5 pieces 360° turnable stainless steel basket , 3 pieces pull out basket and L hanger for double hanging purpose . With the bi-folding door , you have complete interior exposure and 100% access to the corner of the wardrobe . Handles on the closet are installed with chrome curve handle , a pack of 4 . Those handles are not only the room’s visual points , also the clothes hangers for the users .

A base , top , two sides , and a back panel are constructed into Corner wardrobe and it is the type of full construction wardrobe . The advantages include well-balanced structure , a sealed cabinet interior , and capability to re-assembly multiple times .